Barrie Lynch – CMM, ICD.D, CAE, MAlt

Professional Parliamentarian | Governance Consultant

A professional parliamentarian is a consultant who provides training and advises on matters of parliamentary procedure.

Barrie Lynch uses ethical parliamentary methods and democratic principles to provide effective parliamentary procedure advice for conventions, meetings, presiding officers and Governance Reviews.

He combines his experience as a professional parliamentarian, certified association executive, city councilor and former provincial court justice of the peace to assist organizations and boards in becoming more productive and efficient.

Barrie is a teacher in parliamentary procedure and provides services as a meeting facilitator and governance consultant.

How may a Professional Parliamentarian help you?

A Professional Parliamentarian may serve as:

  • A convention parliamentarian to assist officers, boards, committees, and individual members as requested.
  • A consultant on bylaws, other rules, or parliamentary problems.
  • An instructor for individuals, classes, workshops, seminars, or institutes.
  • A professional presiding officer for conventions or other meetings.

As a Professional Parliamentarian Barrie is an expert in parliamentary law and procedure according to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. He is also familiar with other authorities of parliamentary procedure.

As a Professional Parliamentarian Barrie Lynch is qualified to assist organizations or individuals in the application of parliamentary procedure for the orderly conduct of business. Good parliamentary procedure is based on sound democratic principles and respect for the dignity of the individual.

A Professional Parliamentarian offers an opinion or an interpretation on parliamentary procedure and advice to presiding officers.

As a Certified Meeting Professional, Professional Parliamentarian and Certified Governance Executive Barrie Lynch provides a unique combination of skills and services.